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We are pleased to announce the official start of the GPU competition of GECCO-2011!

The Goal

This competition focuses on the applications of genetic and evolutionary computation that can maximally exploit the parallelism provided by low-cost consumer graphical cards. The competition will award the best applications both in terms of degree of parallelism obtained, in terms of overall speed-up, and in terms of programming style.

Rules and Regulations

Entrants must submit (1) the application sources with the instructions to compile it and (2) a two page description of the application. Submissions will be reviewed by a committee of researchers from the evolutionary computation community and from industry. Each reviewer will score the submission according to 12 criteria concerning the submitted algorithm, the speed-up it achieves, and its impact on the evolutionary computation community. The total score will be obtained as the weighted sum of the 12 separate scores. The scoring system will be announced shortly!
Submissions should be mailed to no later than June 23rd, 2011. The final scores will be announced during GECCO.

Winning Entry

Full Implementation of an Estimation of Distribution Algorithm on a GPU
Simon Poulding, Jan Staunton, Nathan Burles


Running Compact Genetic Algorithm on Large Scale Problems Using Graphics Processing Unit
Peera Thontirawong, Warin Wattanapornprom, Prabhas Chongstitvatana

A CUDA-based implementation of GEP algorithm
Shuai Shao, Mingyuan Zhou, Xin Liu

Evolving Neural Networks on GPUs
Johannes Hofmann

CUDA and OpenCL-based asynchronous PSO
Youssef S. G. Nashed, Alessandro Bacchini, Stefano Cagnoni, Luca Mussi

Fully Parallel Differential Evolution
Sergio Jhovanne Domínguez González, Norberto García Barriga

CUDA Massively Parallel Trajectory Evolution
M. Kashif Kaleem, Jürgen Leitner

Fast QAP Solver with ACO and Taboo Search on GPU using Move-Cost Adjusted Thread Assignment
Shigeyoshi Tsutsui, Noriyuki Fujimoto

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